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First Dance - from RNZ Afternoons

The afternoon show at Radio New Zealand asked for people to submit the song that was played as their Wedding Dance . I spoke to Jesse Mulligan about "If I Should Fall Behind" by Bruce Springsteen which we chose as ours back on April 18 , 1998 . It is first up via the RNZ link here:

Recorded for the Lucky Town album and released in 1992, here we find Bruce in post second marriage reflection . It couldn't be more of a contrast to the Tunnel of Love album from 5 x years earlier where the focus included :

"You got to learn to live with what you can't raise above" - Tunnel of Love

"Now look at me baby, struggling to do everything right" - Brilliant Disguise

"One step up , two steps back". - One Step Up

"I swore I'd make her happy every day and how I made her cry, two faces have I" - Two Faces

Instead Springsteen is reaching out to his new wife in the spirit of togetherness and trust

"Everyone dreams of love lasting and true

But you and I know what this world can do

So lets make our steps clear, so the other may see

I'll wait for you, and if I should fall behind wait for me"

He returns to this later in the album with "Book of Dreams" and the album opener "Better Days"

"I've got a new suit of clothes and a pretty red rose and a woman I can call my friend"

For the live tour that accompanied the album ( see clip below), Bruce kept it personal , later on the 1999 Reunion Tour with the E Street Band , he shifted the songs focus to encompass his relationship to to his bandmates. Perhaps it was too personal to continue with the focus on his wife Patti.

The original Lucky Town recording has a demo like feel (check the non intro) , Bruce playing all instruments except drums, mainly acoustic with the type of acoustic guitar/mandolin type staccato riffs reminiscent of the great Nebraska and Tunnel of Love albums . This is Bruce at his best , away from the stadium and with a voice representing the human condition irrespective of gender, race, political divide, border and circumstance.

Studio Recording - Lucky Town album

Thanks Boss!


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