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Can't exactly recall but could have been my first purchases; a collision of True Colours by Split Enz and The River by Bruce Springsteen or maybe much earlier the "Red and Blue" Beatles collection - think the cover shots 1962 vs 1969 , a young mind could get carried away thinking about how did these guys go from there to there in such a short time?

Whatever,there was an active music awakening that has been there every since, through performing, practicing, recording (home) selling (retail) and general advocating. Not really publicising or publishing  though ,I  always prefer actions to talking about it - much to my detriment I suspect.


So does music stop for me in 1980? No but there was something about 1978 - 80 which 40 years later (gulp) is starting to look back on as a golden era of popular, recorded music, never to be repeated. Think Punk ,New Wave, Disco, Funk ,Rock. Think Bowie, Costello, Pretenders, Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac (Tusk!) Springsteen, solo Beatles (ok well mainly McCartney anyway), The Cars , Television, Blondie,  Roxy Music (phase II). The era will probably be regarded as the time when the British initiated wave of  60's musicians was aging but still active and relevant, mixing with new generations coming on board.

This is a long winded way of saying  that the above era informs my music that I have been dabbling with ever since . The Split Enz/Springsteen reference seems apt - on the left Split Enz - Beatles , Bowie, Pink Floyd,Ferry, Gabriel- on the right Springsteen - Dylan, Stones, Neil Young, Bobby Womack. Through the 80's there also included ,in no particular order , The Church, Paul Kelly, Cold Chisel, Lou Reed, The Blue Nile, The Smiths, Los Lobos, Peter Case, Warren Zevon, REM, John Mellencamp, T Bone Burnett.


I guess the one overarching theme here is that generally every one of these artists mentioned have the ability to write a song that you can arrange and sing via an acoustic guitar and it can make you feel better -  there is melody and a lyric that can be weaved together.


Music still remains a universal language and means of communicating that can pull you through and cause a smile.

- Blair Morgan, 2020

"Keep strumming everybody and hope you find something here you like."
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