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I was fortunate to hang out with some musicians in Sydney in the early '90's who encouraged me to write original material.  After recording with English musician Dominic Halpin on an album called "Sarah's Room", I assembled an album's worth of stuff at the great Goose Haven Recording studios in late 93 in Gordon, Sydney (only 1 x physical copy, I still have the master DAT).

I also had recording sessions and a resulting EP with the legendary (in our own minds at least ) Wanganui/ChCh funk band -Glider (yes I quit the band at one stage because of the name !)

Have dabbled with it on and off ever since then but, to be honest, if it was easy everyone would do it (it's not easy). 

Watch this space as more coming soon!


Live at the Darkroom album cover - Blair Morgan, Christchurch singer songwriter


This new album, released in March 2024, is a collection of Blair's original work played live.  Songs span from the 90s all the way to brand new ones written this year, including "The Daily Light" inspired by a chaotic Christmas with family.  


Listen to the full album with all the live banter, just like a real concert experience, and get ready for Blair's next album "Sunday River" featuring new arrangements and even more original songs. Read more about how this album came about


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